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Our philosophy

The work of the vineyard is done by respecting the specifications of organic wines without any use of chemicals in order to let the soil and the vine express themselves.

To obtain the best possible grapes, the Domaine des Closiers pays particular attention to the vineyard. He strives to perpetuate certain cultural practices such as grassing, tillage, leaf stripping.

The work of the vineyard is done in order to limit the compaction of the soil to respect microbial life and earthworms.


At the winery, the working methods have been completely revised. The estate has invested massively to improve the care given to grapes and wines.

Tillage tools have been purchased to avoid the use of chemicals.

A new 30 hl pneumatic horizontal press is now used to gently press the grapes.

A sorting table makes it possible to select the best beans and to eliminate all the undesirable elements.

An oscilys destemmer makes it possible to scrape the grapes without damaging them, which improves the quality of the maceration.

The vats are loaded using an elevator so as to avoid the use of a grounds pump which would stress the grapes.

The tanks are thermo-regulated for perfect control of the process.

No chemical is added during the whole process except for small quantities of sulfur

dioxide to guarantee the quality of our wines during transport.


Under the vines, limestone cellars dug in the tuffeau shelter the wines and allow them a slow and harmonious aging.

All our whites are aged in barrels of 2 or 3 wines to allow micro-oxygenation without marking the wine.

In red, we offer cuvées aged in stainless steel vats to preserve the fruit and expression of the terroir of Saumur Champigny, as well as cuvées aged in barrels of several wines to allow micro-oxygenation during aging which brings roundness and finesse in the wine, keeping the fruit and freshness of the wine.

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